Who we are

Tamed Wild was founded on the belief in ancient herbal remedies to heal not only the body, but the soul. We believe what is given to us by the earth is all we really need to live happy and healthy lives. With this comes the love for old world traditions and rituals, including those for self care & spiritual growth. Our mission is to support small makers while giving our clients a place they can feel good about supporting. All of our products are ethically sourced and crafted. Products that are specific to a culture are purchased from the artisans of that culture and in support of fair trade. Our herbs and teas are organic, and beginning fall 2020, will be certified organic and kosher. Our employees are paid living wages and we offer full benefits. Everything we make is handcrafted, hand poured & created with intention. We are blessed with an amazing staff that have allowed us to grow in business while keeping our products true to our intent & purpose.  

Always remember; while tools, stones and herbs are a potent addition to any spell or ritual, the only magick you truly need resides within yourself.

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